A free English-speaking club located in Chelyabinsk, Russia


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The Christmas Quest

Santa Claus was kidnapped, and Speak Freely needs your courage and skills to bring him back!

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Gangster Quest

You are the head of the Italian mafia in New York. Today the police showed up at a huge drug deal. There was a shootout, but you managed to survive and escape. How did they know about the deal? Who betrayed you? Now all you want is to find and punish the traitor. Somebody is going to die today...

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Welcome to the world of magic!

Before an important Quidditch match, somebody steals Harry's broom Firebolt. You are Gryffindor students, so you help Harry find the thief. You're going to follow the suspects and eavesdrop their conversations to find out who wants your team to lose.

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A body of a dead woman has just been found in N. This is a big case, so we need the best detectives to find and punish the killer! Would you like to come and help us?

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Sherlock Holmes Quest

Two hours of games with funny questions, riddles, rebuses, and tricky quests. Be ready to collect your team map and run over the hall. Take you good mood with you and let's have fun!

P.S. Do not be late.

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The Halloween Race

What does it take to survive the spookiest holiday ever? It sure takes a lot of courage, knowledge and creativity... and then a good company makes everything easier and much more fun.

This Halloween, you're going to compete for being the best at teamwork, scaring others, communicating in English and, essentially, halloweening.

ATTENTION! We suggest you come on time if you can: this way, you won't miss any of the fun (or explanations). Halloween costumes are welcome but not required.

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The Halloween Quest 2015

Halloween is over, but the nightmares aren't, and this time, English is the only way for you to wake up alive...

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The Halloween Quest

Are you ready for a long and scary journey through the winter park? On your way, you will have to solve all sorts of enigmae, do challenging tasks, and experience real fear... but you'll have a team to rely on, and at the end, a nice and warm cup of tea will be waiting for you. Sounds like fun? Let's play the game then...

ATTENTION: the quest is a game of intellect and physical skill. A part of it takes place in the park, and the weather is most probably going to be cold and wet, so please consider putting on some warm but comfortable clothes and maybe a change in case you might get wet. A cell phone is helpful, too. Please don't be late, since the teams are going to start moving shortly after 7 pm.