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Game: Don't Vote for Me

You’ve found yourself being one of the candidates for the mayoral election in the Craptown, a small, godforsaken place just outside of nowhere.

Apparently, there’s not so much time left until the voting process and you have only a few minutes to convince the citizens of Craptown that you are not the person they want as their mayor. But be careful, they are really passionate about their hometown and you don’t want to make them angry by disrespecting it.

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Debates: This House Believes People Should Not Keep Pets

Humans, as a natural part of the animal kingdom, have interacted with the animals around them for the entirety of their existence. One of the defining characteristics of the human race is that we developed the ability to domesticate and eventually tame other species for our use.

Despite the vast popularity of pet ownership, especially in more economically developed countries, the question still remains as to whether the practice should be continued: it's a huge drain of resources that could be put to better use, it's a health risk for both people and pets, not to mention the issues of animal rights and welfare.

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Tell me about myself

Let's see how well you know your neighbor. This game involves a lot of guessing, people knowledge and public speaking skills.

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How to Win a Debate: a Presentation

How to state your point (even if it's not really what you think) and prove it so that everyone is convinced? How to rebut even the strongest opponents' arguments? How to ultimately win this debate even if you have no chance of winning? Let's see... and then let's practice!

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Verbal and non-verbal communication create a whole system. Your speech could be a lie, but not gestures. They show a real state of human being. A lot of politicians, businessmen, leaders of public speaking use various techniques, which help them in their work. Understanding gestures in our daily life is also useful skill. Concentrated look, crossing hands, scratching the head... What do this and many other gestures mean? What gestures are suitable in another countries? Let's see the influence and importance of gestures in our public speaking and usual life. Join this significant topic!

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Advanced Table Topics

Having been given a card with a topic, you are welcome to share your thoughts on the subject, however uncanny it might appear. Go ahead, show your loquaciousness, and don’t be afraid of sharing your thoughts and arguments you’ve conjured up, regardless of their absurdity or feasibility! Remember, though, that time is running out!

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TED Speak Freely

TED Talks (www.ted.com) is a set of conferences where people share interesting ideas by giving short lectures. The motto of TED Talks is "Ideas worth spreading".

 If you want to participate, please contact Daria at +79823051284 for more details. If you want to watch, just come.

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How to get rid of the fear of public speaking

The most common problem people have is the fear of public speaking. Some people dread it even more than death. Most of us live with this fear throughout our lives. On Monday you will find different solutions how to solve this problem and discuss it.

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Presentation of Toastmasters movement + Table topics session

Toastmasters International is a movement for developing leadership and effective communication skills, increasingly popular all over the world. We are going to learn some facts about this movement, try some of its practices and discuss the idea of implementing this meeting format in Speak Freely.