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Linguistic archaeology session

Tocharian AHave you ever wanted to be the one decyphering ancient scripts, figuring out what the turns of speech mean that were invented thousands of years ago? As for me, this is really exciting. During this period, we will solve some problems that are all about exotic languages (you don't really need language to solve them, though, but a great deal of logic and attention), and then discuss them.

Here is a sample task for you:

  1. The most famous words in Pig Latin are ixnay, amscray and upidstray, meaning respectively 'nix', 'scram' and 'stupid' in English. Another interesting word is 'eggway', which means simply an egg. Translate the following phrase into Pig Latin:

    'I am from Russia'.

    (When you're done, go to http://www.piglatin.org/ and check your answer. If you liked it, come and join us!)