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Discussion: Yarovaya Law

"I was going to make a presentation about freedom of speech, but then Yarovaya's law was passed," one of our residents said.

As you probably know, this law makes it a crime not to report information about crimes, requires telecoms to assist the government to break into encrypted messages, children as young as fourteen are now considered old enough to be locked up, proselytizing, preaching, praying, or disseminating religious materials outside of “specially designated places,” like officially recognized religion institutions are considered a punishable crime.

Let's still talk about freedom of speech and how this law affects it.

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This House would ban the sale of surveillance technology to non-democratic countries

The sophistication of modern surveillance technology has increased by leaps and bounds in the 21st century. Governments have unprecedented power to watch their citizens, to see almost every aspect of their private and public lives. By use of CCTV, internet censorship and infiltration, wire-taps, and a multitude of other systems, governments have enormous power to control the populace. 

Should democracies refuse to sell technology that could be used for ill to regimes abroad, or does it have more to gain from treating them as equally valid governments?

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Discussion: Censorship

What is censorship? What has the right to do it and how far should this right stretch exactly? We won't be talking about any country in particular, we'll be talking about ourselves and the amount of censorship we feel comfortable with in our lives. Join in!

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Tolerance and the Western World Weakness: a Discussion

We'll start with a discussion of what happened in Paris on 7 January.

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Discussion: North Korea

During our meeting, we are going to discuss current state of affairs in the DPRK - one of the few countries in the world that continues to uphold the legacy of the USSR, despite all the hardships it had to experience and continuous pressure from the Western countries trying to impede its development. What future awaits DPRK? What future awaits its relationship with Russia? Were there any alternatives to the current state in the past?

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The UN Game

Today, you are a politician in the United Nations, and your mission is to talk others into voting for the laws you need to pass and out of voting for the laws you don't want passed. Beware of the bugs, don't trust anyone, speak English!

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Discussion: Situation in Ukraine

Let's discuss one of the most topical issues nowadays: the situation in Ukraine. 
Here is our plan:
1. Consideration of current geopolitical situation in Ukraine

2. Exploring the evolution of the conflict and its reasons.

3. Interaction between Russia and Western countries in the Ukrainian problem.

Come and enjoy the holywar improve your English!

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Discussion: World News

North Corea, Cyprus and everything you want. We'll provide the news, and the talking is up to you.

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Discussion: Presidential election in Russia-2012

Who can lead Russia away from crisis? Present political and economical situation in Russia, what can every citizen do to make Russia better to live.

Dmitry Rastvorov is going to speak a bit about the candidates and lead the discussion.