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parliamentary debates

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Debates: This House Believes that the Traditional University Will Be Replaced by Online Learning

In a relatively short period of time MOOCs such as Coursera or Udemy grew in massive popularity and are serving thousands and millions of users. Some online courses have even been recommended for university credit. This prompted to question whether traditional universities have to adapt themselves to the new realities of education and even whether they can be replaced. The question of how online courses could replace universities is open for debate as well.

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Debates: This House Believes People Should Not Keep Pets

Humans, as a natural part of the animal kingdom, have interacted with the animals around them for the entirety of their existence. One of the defining characteristics of the human race is that we developed the ability to domesticate and eventually tame other species for our use.

Despite the vast popularity of pet ownership, especially in more economically developed countries, the question still remains as to whether the practice should be continued: it's a huge drain of resources that could be put to better use, it's a health risk for both people and pets, not to mention the issues of animal rights and welfare.

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Debates: This House Would Legalize Multi-Partner Marriages For Both Men and Women

Do you think every person should have just one partner at a time? What about those who suffer because they love two people simultaneously, what about all the families that broke because of the need to choose between two equally loved ones? And then if someone is allowed to have a number of partners, must it only be men or women? Let us discuss.

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Debates: Banning of Pornography

Pornography is a large part of the contemporary culture and a very rich industry with a good share of the market in a number of countries, providing thousands of workplaces, and it's grown a lot since the Internet was introduced a few decades ago, becoming available for larger audience. However, a lot of people disapprove of pornography, considering it indecent and filthy, and even though consuming these products may be a personal choice for adults, it is strongly believed that children should be protected from pornography, which is pretty much impossible now... unless all the pornography iscompletely banned. What do you say?