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Presentation: How to Consume News and Stay Sane

I'll tell you what news do to you and what you should do about it.

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Discussion: Economic News

Let`s overview the latest significant events that have occured in the world economics. How have they influenced the world, our country and you personally? Share your opinions and try to predict the future changes.

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Debates: This House Believes Terrorism Can Be Justified

In the wake of the shocking events of 11 September 2001, terrorism and the “war on terror” became the number one issue for the US government. But terrorism has a far longer, more global history. Political, religious and national/ethnic groups have resorted to violence to pursue their objectives – whether full recognition of their equal citizenship (in Apartheid South Africa), a separate national state of their own (Israelis in the 1940s, Palestinians from the 1970s onwards), or the establishment of a religious/ideological state (Iranian terrorism against the Shah). In some cases former terrorists have made the transition to peaceful politics – for example Nelson Mandela in South Africa and Gerry Adams in Northern Ireland. Is it possible to justify the use of terrorist tactics if they result in the deaths of innocent civilians in bombings and shootings? This is an issue that calls into question the value we put on our ideals, beliefs and human life itself.

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Tolerance and the Western World Weakness: a Discussion

We'll start with a discussion of what happened in Paris on 7 January.