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Parliamentary Debates: This House Believes That Development of AI is More Dangerous Than Beneficial

Artificial Intelligence are growing at an alarming rate. Computers get twice as smart every 18 months whereas humans still remain the same in terms of intelligence. Its only a matter of time before computers surpass humans. Humans won't stop until computers are able to do everything for them and make life easier. Little do they know, they are just making computers smarter than themselves... Do you agree? Come and make your point in the parliamentary debate tonight!

Note: if you wish to actively participate in the debate rather than just watch, please don't be late. 

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Presentation: Automation in Construction

Millions of new constructions are being built every day all over the world, higher and more complicated than ever. How is that possible? The answer is automation: construction is no longer something done by human hands. In this presentation, you will see the extent to which construction is now automated.