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Since the first Back to School at Speak Freely, we've had language lessons: English, Spanish, even Korean... This time, it's Esperanto: the mysterious artificial language that's been spoken for 130 years and the only conlang to serve as a native language to a decent amount of people. Unlike Spanish or Korean, in 45 minutes you'll actually be able to speak this language... wanna try?

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Chemistry: Acids and Bases

What are acids and bases? How are they interrelated? Let's talk about their properties and applications.

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Mathematics: Complex Numbers

The very basics about why in the world those mathematicians actually had to imagine more numbers in addition to the uncountable real ones.

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Astronomy: The Basics of Astonomy

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Redox Reactions

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The English Grammar: Everything You Want to Know But Don't

Ever wondered about the English tenses and moods? Let us show you how very simple and reasonable they are.

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Linguistic example sentences and word plays

  • Do you know a correct English sentence which consists of 8 equal words?
  • What sentences are used to prove the importance of punctuation in English?
  • Do you know English palindromes?
  • What is "a well-boiled icicle"?
  • How do they call this kind of squares?
    H E A R T
    E M B E R
    A B U S E
    R E S I N
    T R E N D
    And can you make the same but of the order of 10?
  • Do you know that mathematicians go to a Möbius strip club on weekends?

These and plenty of other word plays will be discussed during this period. It's going to be fun, don't miss it!