A free English-speaking club located in Chelyabinsk, Russia


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Presentation: Introduction to German

If your German is limited to "heil Hitler" and "Hände hoch", this presentation is for you. You will walk out of Speak Freely tonight with some more hands-on knowledge about one of the most prominent languages of Europe and how knowing English can help you learn it.

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Presentation: Turkic Languages

Wann know more about one of the world's primary language families which includes 35 spoken langues such as Turkish and minority languages of Russia like Chuvash and Bashkir? Let's find this out together.

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Afghan Script: the Funny Smile Face is a Letter

There are so many not very popular, but very interesting languages from the East: Afghan (or Dari) language is one of them. "But all these languages are like the Arabic language..."- you say. My answer will be "no"! They have a lot of similarities, but they are also very different. What is the difference between Dari and Pashto? What does this funny smile face in Afghan alphabet mean? I will try to answer these and other questions.

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The Ultimate Guide to the Latin Script

If you're Russian, learning English as your first foreign language opens a whole new world of the Latin script for you. You can attempt at reading in virtually any language with a Latin-based writing system... or can you? Sogliole alla mugnaia, blanquette de veau, Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, anyone? In my presentation, I'm going to talk about reading rules in some major European langues (such as the Romance and Germanic languages) and provide you with lots of opportunities to practice so that you learn to read once and for all and never make a fool of yourself again at a restaurant or elsewhere trying to read all these strange combinations.

If you're proficient in foreign languges using Latin Script besides English and you are willing to come, please contact me, I need your help!

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Presentation: Language Creation

How and why do humans create languages? How many constructed languages are out there and how many more will appear in future? Can you create your own language? We'll answer these and other questions, look at some of the popular conlangs and even try to make our own.

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The Great Language Game

This is not a presentation about linguistics, although knowing something about languages might help you be more successful than others. This is not strictly speaking a game either. This is more of a competition in the useless skill of defining the language being spoken, which seems even more useless than that in the middle of nowhere, Chelyabinsk, Russia. But still, it's fun. Come and try it!

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Linguistic archaeology session

Tocharian AHave you ever wanted to be the one decyphering ancient scripts, figuring out what the turns of speech mean that were invented thousands of years ago? As for me, this is really exciting. During this period, we will solve some problems that are all about exotic languages (you don't really need language to solve them, though, but a great deal of logic and attention), and then discuss them.

Here is a sample task for you:

  1. The most famous words in Pig Latin are ixnay, amscray and upidstray, meaning respectively 'nix', 'scram' and 'stupid' in English. Another interesting word is 'eggway', which means simply an egg. Translate the following phrase into Pig Latin:

    'I am from Russia'.

    (When you're done, go to http://www.piglatin.org/ and check your answer. If you liked it, come and join us!)