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Mock IELTS exam

Try passing one of the most popular international examinations in the world, IELTS.

Disclaimer: Speak Freely is NOT a certified IELTS center. We do not issue IELTS certificcates or guarantee successful performance at the original exam. This mock exam is completely free and held for educational purposes only. All of the exam materials used are available on the Internet.

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How to Get Ready for IELTS

As you know, Speak Freely is holding a mock IELTS exam on November 17. So we decided to talk about the exam structure and give you a few tips on how to prepare efficiently as well as some example tasks to avoid the common mistakes. If you are not planning to pass IELTS, come anyway: you will probably learn a couple of new words (unless you are a certain Pavel Tashkinov, in this case you won't) and practice some more English.

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Presentation: Linking Words

You know how to boost your first-grader English so that you instantly sound like a Harvard sophomore? Linking words! This is the magic pill that makes your speech sound organized, fluent, and logical. Even if it's not. We'll give you loads of examples and exercises so that you can practice, so don't be shy.