A free English-speaking club located in Chelyabinsk, Russia


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How to understand languages you don't speak

What if I told you you actually know way more languages than you think you know? In this presentation, we'll look at why that is and how to unlock your hidden language abilities.

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Foreign guest: Julian from Germany

On life, traveling, motorbikes, history and culture, hotel management, dealing with rich clients, minority languages of Russia, and more.

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Life of aristocracy in 18th and 19th centuries: advantages and disadvantages

Social differeces in history of many countries were one of the main features. Some groups of people had more influence than others. They also had more responsibilities. Is it good or bad? Let's think about it.

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Time Travel to Russia

Some of the most interested and unexpected travelers' stories in Speak Freely are those about Russia. However, there has not once been a meeting with a time traveler in the club! Let us come and find out what Russia looked like and whether it is worth traveling to ;)

Battle of Izmail

Do you remember school courses in history? Especially the greatest and most important battles? I will tell you about one!