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Presentation: Clean Eating

You know eating well is good for you, but you can't bring yourself to do it? Let me share the evolution of my eating habits and the life hacks I've picked up along the way. 

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Discussion: Habits

Some of them can be very useful and some can really do a lot of harm. We have plenty of them in our life. Let's talk about habits! And see how we can improve our living by adding or getting rid of some habits.

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Discussion: Habits

What are habits? Where do people learn them? What good and bad habits do you have? Do others' habits get on your nerve? How to learn a habit or get rid of a habit? Let's discuss.

Personal Development

We will talk about personal devolepment.  I’ll give you some pieces of information about personal development. And we will discuss about it. Also I’ll give you some useful tips.

1.      1.  What is personal development. Is it useful? How can it help you?

2.       2. Purpose of life. What is your purpose of life? How can you find your own purpose of life? I’ll give you a tip from Stieve Pavlina.

3.       3. Comfort zone. What is this? Removing a limiting belief.

4.       4. Do your beliefs reflect reality or create It?

5.       5. What is your habits? 30 days to success.

6.       6. The happy secret to better work.

7.       7. Why we are happy? What is synthetic happiness? Is Synthetic happiness real?