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Presentation: Home Automation

How will machines and AI change the future of work and our daily lives? Sujit, an owner of an office automation business from India, is going to shed some light on this subject.

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Parliamentary Debates: This House Believes That Development of AI is More Dangerous Than Beneficial

Artificial Intelligence are growing at an alarming rate. Computers get twice as smart every 18 months whereas humans still remain the same in terms of intelligence. Its only a matter of time before computers surpass humans. Humans won't stop until computers are able to do everything for them and make life easier. Little do they know, they are just making computers smarter than themselves... Do you agree? Come and make your point in the parliamentary debate tonight!

Note: if you wish to actively participate in the debate rather than just watch, please don't be late. 

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Discussion: Apocalypse Scenarios

Zombie apocalypse? Come on, are you serious? It's all bullshit for kids. We'll die in the World War III. No, wait, we'll die of the consequences of global warming, because the weather will start to freak out. Or, actually, the aliens may invade... or no, we're alone in the Universe, and no one will save us if someone decides to hit the red button. Or a virus may spread and kill us all. What is the scenario that seems the most plausible to you? Come and share!

...unless we all get killed by a meteorite, of course. 

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Prospects of language development

Where does a language go? Where do all languages go? Are they simplified or not, what processes all in all do they undergo? What is the future of the languages that we speak?

FUTURE. Predicting Year 2025.

Designer biohazards, an end to Middle Eastern dominance of the oil business, robot chauffeur, Iranian smart bombs, and a United States encouraging immigrants from south of the border instead of keeping them out. Is all this really impossible or simply a matter of the distant future?

During the meeting you will know about a few remarkable projections made by some of the world's most bleeding-edge thinkers trying to look at the planet in the year 2025.

You will see that though we can't predict unknowable, we already know an awful lot about how the world will look in the coming years.