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Speed Networking Session : Meeting foreigners

Several foreign guests from different countries are going to visit us today! Not very often we have so many of them! Turkey, India, Morroco, Columbia, Egypt and others! Join in!

The beauty of Indonesia (presentated by our Indonesian guests)

Get to know all about the uniquiness and diversity of Indonasia at first hand.

Do not miss a nice presentation prepared for you by our Indonasian guests!


Presentation: Taiwan (prepared by our Taiwanese guests)

Do not miss a presentation about Taiwan made by our Taiwanese guests: Hillary (Lin Fang Yu), and Vivien (Kung Che Yi)!

Get to know about Taiwanese traditional festivals, food, cloths, temples, and much more. 

Ask everything you want to know about this wonderful country.

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Guest from Columbia in Speak Freely

Meet Nathalie, an AIESEC intern from Columbia!

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Guests from Switzerland and Romania in Speak Freely

Ramon, Marcus and Lucas are Swiss guys who came all the way to Chelyabinsk on their bikes in 46 days. They hope to go to Mongolia and then Beijing before coming back to their studies and hobbies (among which is mountaineering) back in Switzerland. Norbert is a Hugarian guy who was brought up in Romania and had been living for three years in Australia (and working as a barman) before his hitchhiking trip to Russia and an occasional stay here.

This meeting, you have a unique opportunity to meet all of them and hear their stories. Welcome and speak freely!

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Presentation about Columbia by Alejandra

Alejandra, AIESEC intern from Columbia, is going to tell us about herself, her country and culture.