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Presentation: Clean Eating

You know eating well is good for you, but you can't bring yourself to do it? Let me share the evolution of my eating habits and the life hacks I've picked up along the way. 

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Presentation: Culinary Chemistry

Unfortunately, the subject of food seems to be entirely omitted from chemistry curriculum. To bridge this gap, I am going to provide some examples of what can be aptly described as 'culinary chemistry'. What causes apples to brown? Why does the yolk of boiled eggs eventually take that greenish colour? Why are saturated fats bad for your health? Why do oils get rancid?

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Identity: you are what you eat and what you consume

 During the discussion we will look at the relationship between possessions and identity, and how marketing companies use it to influence consumer behaviour and perceptions. When buying a certain brand, what are we really paying for? Why do we purchase certain products and services? Why do people go on a diet? What are vegetarianism and veganism about? Why do we eat certain meats and not others? Is our identity defined by our possessions? Does it differ for men and women? In today’s society, it is easier or more difficult to attain self-identity?

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TED video and discussion: The Culture of Eating

"I profoundly believe that the power of food has a primal place in our homes that binds us to the best bits of life," says Jaimie Oliver, a world-popular TV chef from Britain who believes the world can be cured by educating children about food. What do you think? What is the place of food in your life? Let's discuss!

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Traveler's story: Turkish Food

In September, I went to Turkey for 10 days, and not a single one of them was spent on the beach or on an excursion. The purpose of my trip was tasting heavenly Turkish foods. Tonight I'm going to talk about it all, show the pictures and even treat you to some delicious Turkish foods and drinks! 

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How food works

We can hardly deny the fact that food is a prerequisite of the paramount importance replenishing our energy stocks, therefore allowing our bodies to function properly. Unfortunately, so blithe are we that we seldom give a thought to the processes behind our craving.
Let's dive into the science behind the world of wholesome and mouth-watering meals!

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Scoville scale of sauces

Let's talk about eating challenging food. How spicy do you like your sauce? How to understand when a sauce is actually spicy and why does a proper spicy sauce burns twice? That's gonna be hot!

Restaurant Day in Chelyabinsk!

Have you heard about Restaurant Day?  A food carnival where anyone can open a restaurant for a  day! It started 2 years ago in Helsinki and has been spreading around the world with high speed: now its held in more than 30 countries and 200 cities!  This August Chelyabinsk is in! Come to my presentation, and I will tell you about this awesome project and  encourage you to participate! See you then!

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Haven't been partying for a while?

- Guitars and singing lovely serenades
- funny games (mushrooms, guess a melody etc)
- cooking and consuming delicious meals
- stories to share
- gift exchange
- beautiful people to spend time with

Come and join !