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New Zealand As a Destination to Experience

Why should you choose New Zealand as a place to live and study? To look for new opportunities? Come and hear me tell you all about this.

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Presentation: Myopia

Nowadays myopia is one of the most spread illness around the world. It is estimated that half the world’s population will be myopic by 2050. It is obvious that eye specialists all over the world are trying to find the most convenient way to cure this illness. I had myopia for almost all my life since I was 7 and till I was 21. I underwent through the eye surgery operation called Lasik to correct my vision and I can share my experience with you.

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Discussion: Driving

Do you drive? Why or why not? Have you ever been in an accident? What are some funny or curious experiences that you have had with cars? Come and tell us about it!

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Presentation: Long-Distance Driving

I will tell about my experience in long-distance driving.

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Presentation: Diving

Out of all Chelyabinsk citizens' hobbies, diving must be the most unusual. Yet, we have an enthusiast right here who's going to tell you all about the process, the equipment, the places, and some tips and tricks. Intrigued? Join us tonight!

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Discussion: Childhood memories

Tonight, we will set aside all the worries and hurries of grown-ups' life and dive into the charming atmosphere of your childhood memories. Many surprises are waiting for you on the way. Welcome aboard our time machine!

Attention: do not forget to take your boarding pass, your childhood photos! A smile and a joyful mood are wanted, too!

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Work and Study in the USA

How is it to study and work in the US? It is better there? What are the peculiarities of life and people? These and other questions will be answered in this presentation by Mikhail Chernushkin. Also, you will get a chance to see what he saw in Chicago, Dallas, and Houston.