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Presentation: Articles

For us Russians, articles are somewhat enigmatic in any language, because there are no articles in Russian and we've always thought we can do without them. However, it is actually a useful thing! During this presentation you will learn more about articles in English and how to use them. Welcome!

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How to make your English more ‘English’ and less Russian?

Understand everything, but are unable to speak? Writing an essay or translating something into English scares you to death? Or you just always doubt whether your English phrases sound correct or not?
A professional translator will share his experience, tell about typical and non-obvious Russian mistakes in English, provide tips, tricks and guidelines that would help you to improve your language skills.

Spelling Bee Contest


Funny game for enriching your vocabulary and spelling skills, please repeat the alphabet before participating :)

Presentation: Cockney dialect

Presentation of the dialect based on B. Shaw's “Pygmalion”, movie exerpts and a small quiz.

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Oh no. A dictation? How come? We've just had holidays!

Precisely. A dictation will help rehabilitate your brains quickly and get them ready for a new year full of better spelling, better English, and better you. :)

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New meanings of English words

A presentation about som recent changes in meanings of commonly used words.

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English Punctuation

Not only does it save lives, but it also guides the reader through the jungles (or a labyrinth, if you like) of your writing, expresses your polite and welcoming attitude towards the guests of your text, is by all means expected and, what's more, still exists in English (and is slightly different from what one anticipates as a Russian). During my presentation, we will learn more about the main differences and try to apply our knowledge by doing several related tasks.

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A monthly report

A new monthly activity for those whose chief interest in attending Speak Freely is improving their English.

During this period, we are going to share our progress made in the preceeding month and discuss self-study methods, know-hows, and best practices as well as the material used (literature, magazines, audio and video, etc.). We will probably also talk about our motivation in learning English and further goals so as to share the results again the next month.

Be prepared to tell something about why you study English, how you do it, what have you done in September, what you consider to be successful and what was to improve.

P.S. This period may easily be extended to a discussion of the progress made in foreign languages in general, so don't hesitate to come and share the practices if you're actually studying Spanish but ready to discuss it in English.

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Interactive presentation: Idioms and Phrasal Verbs

The previous idiom-learning period seems to have come in handy, so we decided to have another go, this time including phrasal verbs. Everybody's welcome!