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American idioms and expressions

Like it or not but if you want your speach to sound naturally you have to usethem.

You might keep avoiding them but native speakers wont. And if you are notfamiliar with idioms, every time they come up in a conversation you'll startasking yourself what it means. Meanwhile the conversation will be continuingwithout you. You're out of the loop!

During the period you'll have a chance to check your skills and learn some new idioms and expressions.

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Are you sure you know everything about numerals? Even if it seems pretty simple in English, it's not quite so. Let's see...

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There's an English saying that goes "You can't polish a turd." Despite that, bullshitting (saying nothing meaningful but still sounding profound) has become an art form. Come learn how to talk your way out of answering difficult questions, participate in class discussions when you haven't done the reading, and turn all your bullshit into gold.

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Your accent

A presentation about parts of your accent and how to improve it will be made by a teacher of English from Texas, Chelsea Sanchez.
Here's the presentation (all the links are there inside).

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Never Say Good, Bad or Interesting

You know there are a lot of words in the English language to express your concern, approval, disapproval, amazement, fasination, objection, bewilderment, disgust or benevolence — and you still keep saying “It was interesting”, “This is a good book” or “bad shop”? This period, we are going to discuss these and other common words that could and should be replaced sometimes to make your speech richer and more effective, and do plenty of exercises to adopt the new habit of using these words.

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French borrowings in English: the how and why session

I wonder how you pronounce all those memoir, ballet, etiquette... chalet... viscount...? What? ..Why?!

Let us see how and why.

This period, you will master the pronunciation, spelling and partly understanding of the French borrowings that make a great part of all the mercilessly difficult words of the English language.

BONUS: another session of the "Dearest creature in creation" attempts for those, who haven't given it up. 

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«How Do You Call This?» Quiz

Ever wondered how they called simple things like a grater in English? Sure!

Checked in the dictionary every time? Let us see...

The quiz will contain several dozens of questions about names of everyday life objects. Everyone takes part; the winner gets a prize, so don't be late!

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photo by Luke Hayfield PhotographyEver heard about Scrabble? If not, this meeting is a must! Scrabble is a worldwide popular table game about forming words from letter tiles that one draws randomly from the tile bank. Read more on Wikipedia or better come and try it yourself!

“Yeah, right, how do we twenty play this game for four?” you will ask. Well, first, there are enough tiles for everyone, so that we all can try. Second, Duplicate Scrabble (check it out). 

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Quiz: Slang

Cool, hot, lol, ROFL — you use these sometimes, don't you? Exactly, and in Russian you use even more slang than you think. We won't discuss it this time, but we'll check how deep is your knowledge of the commonly used English slan. Join us!

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Presentation: New Words in Englilsh

English is a living language, and it changes overtime. The English you learned at school is slightly different from the one you use now. In fifty years it might change dramatically.

In fact, it is changing now. Every day, as English is spoken by billions of people on the planet, new words are coined, grammatical changes are simmering, even sounds are slightly different, but centuries will pass until we notice that. So let us speak about the fastest changing part of English, its vocabulary, and see some brand new words that appeared recently.