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Modern urbanism

Recent studies on city planning are controversial and counter-intuitive. But still, more and more people become interested in urbanism, not only proffesional, but just mindful citizens who want to live in a beautiful and safe cities.

Let's look at common myths and mistakes and discuss how we can make our lives better.

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Presentation: Brickwork

We've all seen brick constructions, be it a house or just a garbage screen. People have used bricks for a long time, and now we think that it's the simplest you can think of - but it's not true, even a piece of baked clay has its peculiarities. I'll tell you about the types of brickwork there are, where thet are used, and more about this eco-friendly and durable material that can help bring to life the ideas of many architects. We'll also try to do some brickwork ourselves!


We will talk about ancient and modern architecture. You will learn something new about buildings.